We are a brand that is focused on creating a low economic foot print without compromising the quality and luxury feel of our swim. Our suits are hand-made, buttery soft, and aimed to flatter your curves in an effortless way. We strive to create styles that make you feel unique and confident in your skin.

All of our suits are double-lined and hand-made with eco-friendly materials. We work hard to ensure our suits are made in an ethical manner, and in an effort to support sustainable fashion, we release our designs by collection. Each collection is thoughtfully designed and hand-picked. We create smaller batches in order to avoid overproduction.

Our suits offer versatility, and can be worn many different ways. We include removable padding and reversible suits in each collection. The colourful pieces are inspired by summer nostalgia and retro patterns, and reflect our travels around the world.

Palm Skyes was founded in 2022, with the goal of expanding into more diverse styles, sizes and apparel. It is a female run company and seeks to inspire other women to follow their passions, dreams and creativity. We seek to inspire others to choose a more sustainable lifestyle, as we promote and support slow fashion.

-Alexa + Leanne, 
Cofounders of Palm Skyes


All of our swimsuits are made by hand in Colombia and ethically sourced. We work closely with our supplier's atelier, as they provide humane and ethical working conditions for their employees. We will continue to have a healthy relationship with those who are comitted to maintaining these guidelines.


In an effort to support sustainable fashion, we launch our new designs at a slower pace and in small batch quantities to avoid over production. Each collection is made from exclusively curated designs, are hand-made and released non-seasonally.


Palm Skyes strives to be environmentally-friendly as possible. We are dedicated to respecting our environment and ethically sourcing our materials. We use eco-friendly materials for all of our suits. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials as we seek to minimalize our environmental footprint.